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Dretine is a contraceptive pill and is used to prevent pregnancy.

Information Leaflet


Dretine is a contraceptive pill and is used to prevent pregnancy. Each of the 21 yellow tablets contains a small amount of two different female hormones, namely drospirenone and ethinylestradiol. The 7 white tablets contain no active substances and are also called placebo tablets. Contraceptive pills that contain two hormones are called “combination” pills.

Uses / Instructions

Take one tablet of Dretine 28 every day, if necessary with a small amount of water. You may take the tablets with or without food, but you should take the tablets every day around the same time.


When you should not use Dretine

Do not take Dretine 28:

  •    if you have (or have ever had) a blood clot in a blood vessel of the leg (thrombosis), lung (pulmonary embolism) or other organs
  •    if you have (or have ever had) a heart attack or stroke
  •    if you have (or have ever had) a disease that can be an indicator of a heart attack in the future (for example, angina pectoris, which causes severe pain in the chest) or of a stroke (for example, a passing slight stroke with no residual effects)
  •    if you have a disease that may increase the risk of a blood clot in the arteries. This applies to the following diseases:
  •    diabetes with damaged blood vessels
  •    very high blood pressure
  •    a very high level of fat in the blood (cholesterol or triglycerides)
  •    if you have a disturbance of blood clotting (for example, protein C deficiency)
  •    if you have (or have ever had) a certain form of migraine (with so-called focal neurological symptoms)
  •    if you have (or have ever had) an inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis)
  •    if you have (or have ever had) a liver disease and your liver function is still not normal
  •    if your kidneys are not working well (renal failure)
  •    if you have (or have ever had) a tumour in the liver
  •    if you have (or have ever had) or if you are suspected of having breast cancer or cancer of the genital organs
  •    if you have any unexplained bleeding from the vagina
  •    if you are allergic to ethinylestradiol or drospirenone, or any of the other ingredients of Dretine 28.This may cause itching, rash or swelling.

Side Effects

Common side effects (between and 10 in every 100 users may be affected):

  •    menstrual disorders, bleeding between periods, breast pain, breast tenderness
  •    headache, depressive mood
  •    migraine
  •    nausea
  •    thick, whitish vaginal discharge and vaginal yeast infection.

See patient information leaflet for more details.


The active ingredients are:

ethinylestradiol 0.03 mg and drospirenone 3 mg.

The other ingredients are:

Tablet core: lactose monohydrate, maize starch, pregelatinised starch (maize), crospovidone, povidone, polysorbate 80, magnesium stearate.

Coating: Polyvinyl alcohol partial hydrolyzed, titanium dioxide (E171), macrogol 3350, talc, yellow iron oxide (E172).


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