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3x21 (63 Total)


Brevinor is one of a group of medicines called combined oral contraceptives or “the Pill” for short.

Information Leaflet


Brevinor is one of a group of medicines called combined oral contraceptives or “the Pill” for short.

Brevinor contains two hormones – a progestogen hormone called norethisterone and an oestrogen hormone called ethinylestradiol. These two hormones act together to prevent pregnancy from occurring.

Additional information

Pack Size

3×21 (63 Total)

Uses / Instructions

• Take the first tablet on your first day of bleeding. This is the day when your period
starts. If you are not having periods, ask your doctor or clinic when you should start
taking your tablets.
• Take the tablet marked with the correct day of the week.
• You will be protected at once as long as you take a tablet every day.
• You can take the tablet at a time that suits you, but you must take it at about the
same time every day.
• Take a tablet every day until you finish a blister strip.
• If you cannot start the tablet on the first day of your period you may start to take it on
any day up to the fifth day. However, if you do this, you may not be protected for the
first seven days, so you should use another method of contraception such as a condom
during those days.


Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Brevinor if you have any of the following
conditions. This will help them decide if Brevinor is suitable for you:

• Migraine
• Headaches
• Slow or sudden development of visual disturbances such as complete or partial loss of
• Asthma
• Epilepsy (a condition where you suffer from fits)
• Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease)
• High blood pressure (hypertension)
• Kidney disease
• Diabetes
• Multiple sclerosis (a problem of the nervous system)
• Tetany (muscle twitches)
• Breast problems of any sort
• Varicose veins (widened or twisted vein usually in the leg)
• Liver dysfunction
• Severe depression
• Fibroids in your uterus
• Irregular periods
• Sharp pain in your abdomen

• Gallstones
• Sickle-cell anaemia
• Otosclerosis (an inherited form of deafness)
• Porphyria (a metabolic disease)
• Chloasma (brown patches on your skin which can happen during pregnancy but may
not fade completely)
• Any disease that is likely to get worse during pregnancy.

Side Effects

• feeling sick
• stomach upset
• weight gain
• changes in appetite
• changes in the way your body breaks down sugars, fats or vitamins
• headache
• high blood pressure
• depression
• swollen or sore breasts
• change in sex drive
• worsening of womb disorders
• irregular vaginal bleeding.

See patient information leaflet for a full list of side effects.


The active substances are:

Norethisterone and ethinylestradiol.

Each Brevinor tablet contains 500 micrograms of norethisterone and 35 micrograms of

The other ingredients are:

maize starch, polyvidone, magnesium stearate, lactose and colouring E132.


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